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Webinar 2023:1 "Let’s support young people's mental health!" - Update

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

ENTER is pleased to announce the speakers for the upcoming Webinar "Let’s support young people's mental health!" The webinar will be held on 21st February 2023 5.00-7.00 (CET).

The speakers and topics are:

1. Eija Paavlinen, PhD. Professor in Nursing, Dept of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University Finland.

"An overview of the maltreatment of young people in the Europe context, working with the family using a digital application (The ERICA Project)."

2. Evanthia Sakellari, PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Public and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of West Attica

"Enhancing the competencies needed at school using digital methods. The Well@School project "

3. Panagiotis Chondros, PhD. MHPSS Manager at Ärzte der Welt/MdM Germany Mental Health Coordinator at The Home Project.

"The HOME PROJECT: Taking care and promoting the mental health of unaccompanied children in Greece"


• Introduction (Emmanuelle Jouet/Mark Monahan for ENTERMentalhealth)

Presentations will be approximately 25 minutes. • Keynote Speaker 1: Eija Paavlinen • Keynote Speaker 2: Evanthia Sakellari • Keynote Speaker 3: Panagiotis Chondros • Q&A: Questions and debate on the mental health care needs and mental health promotion for young people in the context of the major crises being experienced in Europe (COVID, UKRAINE WAR, REFUGEES).

Registration will open shortly!

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