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ENTER Mental Health  Webinar 2021:3

Mental Health Promotion in the Pandemic

10 June 2021, 3pm-5pm CET 

ENTER Mental Health ran its Webinar 2021:3 Mental Health Promotion in the Pandemic on Zoom on 10 June 2021, 3pm-5pm CET. 

Promoting positive mental health has never been as important as it is now amid the Pandemic. Mental health promotion is an area that ENTER has experience in having previously pioneered work in this area through the DG SANCO-funded PROMISE project aims that created 9 European guidelines for training of social and health care professionals.  The project commenced in 2009 and concluded in 2012, with 9 European partners developing guidelines, resource kits and tools for evaluation. The project identified ten quality criteria for training care professionals in mental health promotion, adopting an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach and at the time included people with mental health problems in evaluating, training, implementation, processes and outcomes. 

In this webinar we explored mental health promotion in the context of today.  The webinar examined the evolution of the original PROMISE project and examine how the materials and work have evolved in the past nine years.  It considered the service user perspective, latest developments in the context of COVID-19 and the experiences of promoting mental health for the student population in these challenging times.  The speakers were:

•    Historical perspectives on MH promotion: Tim Greacen
•    The evolution of an approach to improve skills for mental health promotion amongst health professional: Amra Sabic and Vera Grebnec
•    MHP during COVID: a user perspective - David Crepaz Keay 
•    Promoting positive mental health for students during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lidia Zabłocka-Żytka and Agnieszka Kakowska

The recordings of the presentations are available here:

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