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ENTER Conference 2022

The experiences of the transition from mental health inpatient settings to community care in Europe


ENTER held its annual conference online on the 30th of June 2022.  The objective of ENTER was that the conference would be face to face, but in the uncertain climate surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it forced us to make alternative plans with the conference moving online. Videos and presentations from the conference are posted below with video links to the keynote presentations and PDF files for presentations in the concurrent sessions.


Keynote addresses

Keynote 1

Vito Flaker: The hiccup theory of deinstitutionalization.

Keynote 2

Martin Rogan: The Great Outdoors - Ensuring readiness for Care in the Community.

Keynote 3

Tim Greacen: The transition from hospital care to community care in Europe: Discovering the importance of the socioeconomic determinants of mental health.


Concurrent sessions

Theme: Protecting the human rights of people in institutions and in community mental health settings

Lisbeth Hybholt and Lene Lauge Berring: The Wish Well Intervention - always room for improvement in Mental Health Organizations

Juš Škraban: Abolishing coercion as a means of deinstitutionalization: first steps of action research in Slovenia.

Andraž Kapus, Andreja Rafaelič, Kaja Zoran, Urška Sorta Kovač: Obstacles and accelerators of the deinstitutionalization process (DUTOVLJE).

Aurélien Troisoeufs: Peer support, associations and community.

Theme: Interventions and approaches to care in community mental health settings

Mark Monahan: The barriers and enablers for community-based interventions: Lessons from the implementation of a co-produced psychoeducation programme for psychosis (for service users and family members where psychosis is diagnosed).

Chrysovalantis Papathanasiou: EPAPSY: refugees, education, peer support.

Iwona Nowakowska: Interventions encouraging public self-advocacy as means of empowerment of persons with disabilities or mental health problems outside the psychiatric care system.

Lidia Zabłocka-Żytka, Iwona Wegner and Paweł Bronowski: How to provide mental health support? The example of the training for the mental health care users. The trainer’s and trainee’s perspective.

Theme: Promoting mental health in the community

Brigita Obreza, Martina Ćiković, Tjaša Franko: Not in My Backyard.

Emmanuelle Jouet: How the ‘Partners in Care Approach’ Promotes Mental Health in the community and vice-versa: the example of the Health Partnership project at GHU Paris.

Søren Dixen: Recovery in lieu of the civic society: The Maskine Maskine Amager (MMA) is perhaps the only truly user-led community.

Click to see the book of Abstracts.

Keynote Presentations

Professor Vito Flaker

Martin Rogan

Prof Tim Greacen

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