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Nursing in the Pandemic: ENTER Webinar 2021:1

Nursing and Service User Participation

The European Network for Training Evaluation and Research in Mental Health (ENTER) held the fifth webinar of the Nursing in Mental Health series.  This webinar will focus on Nursing And Service User Participation on Thursday 14th January 2021.  The webinar centred on the area of partnership with service users and their families in the health care systems. 

The webinar featured papers on:

  • "How we can build the future of nursing together” by Dr David Crepaz-Keay.

  • "Never forget the people. Public health is trained in compassion and driven by passion. This will always be our strength, our true comparative advantage*" by Katerina Nomidou.

  • "The role and importance of the nurse: users perspective" by Nikka Cigoj

  • "Co-producing nursing science through a participatory research partnership – experiences, research & recommendations" by Dr Lene Lauge Berring & Dr. Lisbeth Hybholt.

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