Nursing in the Pandemic: ENTER Webinar 2021:1

Nursing and Service User Participation

The European Network for Training Evaluation and Research in Mental Health (ENTER) welcomes you to join the fifth webinar of the Nursing in Mental Health series.  This webinar will focus on Nursing And Service User Participation.  The area of partnership with service users and their families is growing and tends to be recognized as a golden practice in the health care systems. Many aspects need to be considered in this regard.  What is the current situation on service user’s participation in mental health nursing? What ethical issues are involved?


The webinar's featured speakers will present some of their successful experiences in the field of service user participation in mental health, without forgetting to build up a picture of the real situation.  The webinar will be held on January, 14 Thursday - 3 pm CET till 5 pm CET (Zoom webinar). 


  • Emmanuelle Jouet, Education & Mental Health researcher, GHU Paris, France, Vice President for Training in Enter Mental Health Network

  • Mark Monahan, Trinity College Dublin, VP for Communication with ENTER.


Tags : Enter Mental Health, service user participation, mental health nursing, GHU Paris.


Webinar Format

This webinar will include short presentations by the speakers (max 20min), followed by an interactive discussion and an open question and answer session led by the moderator. All participants must register for the webinar to receive the zoom link.  You can register here.

Web Master: Mark Monahan


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