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PROMISE Training Guidelines

The PROMISE project aimed to develop and disseminate multi-disciplinary mental health promotion training guidelines and training programmes for professionals. These are generic and also specific in relation to suicide, depression, and alcohol & drug abuse. A specific innovation is the involvement of mental health service users in developing the guidelines and programmes with a special emphasis on positive mental health, healthy living, diet and exercise. The European health inequalities agenda is addressed through ensuring a dissemination focus which embraces Southern Eastern and Baltic European areas.


The PROMISE European Guidelines for Training Social and Care Professionals in Mental Health Promotion are a set of quality criteria to be used when designing a training programme for professionals on mental health promotion in general or on a specific mental health promotion theme addressing a specific population. The Guidelines are designed to be used for undergraduate training, or for continuous or postgraduate training. They can also be used for training when setting up local projects on specific mental health promotion themes: for example, to train employers on promoting health and well-being in the workplace in the context of work-related suicides.


Visit the PROMISE web site for more details.

Last updated: 03.08.2017

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