Second ENTER Webinar: Nursing and New Tech

8th October 2020, 3.00 - 5.00 p.m. CET

The European Network for Training Evaluation and Research in Mental Health (ENTER) welcomes you to join the second webinar of the Nursing in Mental Health series.


Join this discussion as speakers representing various Mental Health perspectives reflect and share their ideas for the future nursing alongside health professionals and users:

Nursing in Mental Health: Nursing during the pandemic

October, 8 Thursday – 3 pm. Till 5 pm. CET (Zoom Webinar)

Information and communication technologies are developing massively in health and care systems, and mental health is also affected. How do they impact nursing practices?

What are the benefits? What are the benefits for mental health users?


 And are there negative effects already identified? During the webinar, the speakers will address contemporary issues and useful recommendations for the next generations of health professionals. Register here: here a link to register



 • Professor Marja Kaunonen, Professor in Nursing Science and Head of Health Sciences, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

• Panagiotis Chondros, President, EPAPSY, Athens, Greece 

Format This webinar will include short presentations by the speakers (max 20min), followed by an interactive discussion and an open question and answer session led by the moderator.


All participants must register for the webinar in order to receive the zoom link.

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Web Master: Michail Lavdas


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