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ENTER Conference 2024: Registration Open - Date: 27.06.2024

ENTER is please to announce that Conference Registration for its conference on Trauma Informed Societies is now open. The conference is being held in The Maria Grzegorzewska University, Szczęśliwicka str 40, Warsaw, Poland.

You can register for the Conference at this link: Conference Registration

Places for the conference are limited and we would encourage you to register early.

The Conference Theme

People are constantly subjected to traumatic experiences. Even living in peace does not protect one from events that have a traumatic potential. The society in Poland and many other European countries of the ENTER Mental Health Network have recently found this out by receiving refugees from war-torn Ukraine and coming into contact with their trauma. But they are not the only traumatised refugees. We also have refugees in Poland who have managed to cross the Polish-Belarusian border, in Italy and Greece refugees from Syria and many others who are traumatised by extremely difficult experiences. The traumatic experience of recent years for many has also been the lockdown, illness or death of loved ones during the covid - 19 pandemic. Traumatic experiences in the form of violence are also encountered in families, where the most vulnerable - women, children - are traumatised. Sometimes assault, rape affects people in their place of residence or work.  In some of our countries, trauma has been linked to the institutions of society.  The problems of many of those who present to mental health services may also have links to trauma in early life and later experiences. 

It is not enough for mental health professionals to treat trauma. There are not enough of them, the health service is not able, in any country, to cover all traumatised people with their care. The only possible answer is to build a society that is knowledgeable about trauma and its consequences, so that people at work, in kindergarten, school and in many other places know how to see traumatised people and how to help them (IASC, 2021; WHO, 2022). It seems important to build a society that is willing and able to counteract the consequences of trauma. A society whose members take care of each other and have the ability to shape and strengthen their own resources.

In a Trauma Informed Society, people realize the widespread impact of trauma and understands potential paths for healing, people recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, staff, and others involved in the system, and respond by fully integrating knowledge about trauma in policies and everyday interactions.

The conference is not just directed towards mental health professionals, but also to educators, teachers and foundations dealing with traumatised people. We want to reflect together on how we can pass on our knowledge and experience in this field.

Conference Themes

The conference themes for 2024 are:

  1. Experiences of trauma 

  2. Trauma types (trauma of somatic patients; children vs adults trauma experience)

  3. Vicarious trauma

  4. Trauma in school and work settings

  5. Care givers’ and burnout

  6. Trauma and society

  7. Responding to trauma 

  8. Trauma informed care

  9. Interventions for those experiencing trauma

  10. Education

  11. Recovery and resilience in trauma

  12. Trauma and the human rights perspective

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