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Network Agreement

The motivation to establish the European Network for Training Evaluation and Research in Mental Health stems from the knowledge that prevention and care of mental health is a major public health priority in all European countries and there is a growing need for cooperation between European countries on mental health issues.


The Network believes that cultural diversity is not a disadvantage but rather a source of richness for understanding mental health issues and recognises that the mental health of European citizens will be enhanced through collaborative research between mental health service deliverers. Furthermore it recognises that the mental health of European citizens will be enhanced through the participation of mental health service users in establishing research and training priorities and through interfacing with carer and user organisations on a European level. The Network also acknowledges that there is a need for the development of effective cross-training of European mental health professionals and there is a need to create common cross-cultural policy implementation mechanisms. Finally the Network recognises the need to make mental health tools and skills accessible to all European citizens.


Download the network Agreement

Last updated: 01.08.2013

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