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OSCAR Training

"Managing Stress and Violence at Work" is a comprehensive training programme designed to enable staff to successfully manage and reduce the effects of occupational stress and violence in the workplace.


The training aims to improve the quality of working life for mental health workers and the materials in the manual can be adapted by a trainer to suit the particular needs of individual teams.


The four training formats provided are:


  1. A full, four-day format, the first two days concentrating on stress management and the second two on risk and violence.

  2. A two-day "short" format, offering "edited highlights" of the four-day format and covering elements of occupational stress management and the management of violence.

  3. A two-day format with a focus on violence in the workplace.

  4. A one-day format concentrating on risk assessment.


The training manual was published by Pavilion Publishers and more information can be found here.

Last updated: 01.08.2013

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