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The European Network for Training Evaluation and Research in Mental Health (ENTER) held the fourth webinar of the Nursing in Mental Health series. In this webinar speakers representing various Mental Health perspectives reflected and shared their ideas for the future nursing alongside health professionals and users on the theme of Nursing and Addiction. 


This webinar included presentations on:

  • The changing role of the nurse in an outdoor addiction unit by Irène Canosa.

  • The role of nurses in addiction-related therapies: time to step forward by Carmel Clancy.

  • Addiction nursing and non-medical prescribing in the UK drug and alcohol treatment system by Michael Flanagan.

  • Reflections of a Mental Health Nurse in the Addictions Field in Scotland by Angela Swift.


The presentations were followed by an interactive discussion and an open question and answer session led by the moderator Dr Emmanuelle Jouet (GHU Paris).

Unfortunately some of the recordings of this event were corrupt.  Angela Swift has kindly recorded her presentation which is below.

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