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ENTER's latest Newsletter is now available

The aim of the ENTER Newsletter is to keep all members and friends of ENTER up to date on the latest developments both within the ENTER network and in the area of mental health in general. In each edition, we aim to present


  • a keynote article on a topic of current interest in mental health in Europe. 

  • a description of a ENTER member site, of their history, their aims and missions, and their current projects and areas of interest.

  • and, of course, news concerning ENTER Network activities and events, such as our 2017 ENTER Conference in Zealand Denmark (9th June 2016) on the topic ofMental Health and the VIrtual World


In conclusion, I wish to extend my warmest thanks, on behalf of all the ENTER Network, to Panagiotis Chondros and Michail Lavdas from the EPAPSY team in Athens for their time and commitment in setting up and coordinating the newsletter. Pleasant reading to all!


Tim Greacen

Chair of ENTER


Previous newsletters:


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Last updated: 16.08.2016

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