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ERICA Training Programme (ENG Ver. 1.0)

The focus of the ERICA Project is improve the detection and management of child maltreatment within the family. The aims of the ERICA Training Programme are to develop the expertise of professionals, regarding their knowledge of child maltreatment, to improve their skills in identifying minors living in families where child maltreatment is a risk, and to promote appropriate interventions in situations at the earliest point possible.  
The ERICA Training Programme consists of eight modules, which provide comprehensive knowledge on child maltreatment and provide access to tools for detection and management of different forms of child maltreatment within the families. 

The ERICA Trainer Handbook

The ERICA Trainer Handbook is central to the ERICA programme.  It provides detailed instructions on how to the use of training modules. You can download the handbook here.

Module 01

Introduction to the ERICA Project

Module 1 provides a general overview on the ERICA training programme.

Module 1 Introduction EU version.png

Module 02

Child Development

Module 2 explores how different forms of maltreatment and neglect can affect child development.

Module 2 Child development EU version.png
Module 2: Child Development Videos
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Module 03

Early Signs of Maltreatment

Module 3 is designed to increase trainees knowledge about recognising the signs of maltreatment. In addition, the module seeks to increase the capacity of trainees to identify signs of maltreatment and neglect.

Module 3 Early signs of maltreatment EU version.png
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Module 04

Understanding Risk Factors

Module 4 aims to provide trainees with an understanding of the different kinds of risk factors, as relating to children, parents and families.

Module 05

Risk Assessment Tools

Module 5 introduces the common risk assessment tools and checklists for different forms of child maltreatment.  In focuses on the development of competency in using different risk assessment tools and presents the 'Family Needs Checklist', an online application developed as a part of the ERICA Project.

Module 06

Interventions in Child Maltreatment

Module 6 introduces interventions which may be used in different situations and identifies appropriate interventions for providing support, relevant to the key stages of child's development. 

Module 6 Interventions in child maltreatment EU version.png
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Module 07

Protective Factors

In the module 7, trainee have the opportunity to become familiar with the role of protective factors in preventing and mitigating child maltreatment. This module also provides techniques for building protective factors and resilience amongst professionals.

Module 7 Protective factors EU version.png
Module 7: Protective Factors Video
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Module 08

Outcome Evaluation

Module 8 describes the methodology for the evaluation, and details the pre and post-training evaluation of the trainees’ skills and competency.

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