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New article from the ISODORA project

A Quality Study of Barriers to Care for People with Co-occuring Disorders

23 January 2018

Article in The Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.

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2 new articles from the CAMILLE project

Are Different Professionals Ready to Support Children of Parents with Mental Illness? Evaluating the Impact of a Pan-European Training Programme

2nd January 2017

Article in The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

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Needs, expectations & consequences for children growing up in a family where the parent has a mental illness

2nd January 2017

International Journal of Mental Health Nursing (2016)

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A new pan European training programme designed to raise awareness of the needs of families where there is a parent with a mental illness. It also aims to build confidence and skills to enable professionals to empower the children in these families, by building their resilience, promoting their wellbeing and preventing them from developing behavioural and emotional problems.



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ENTER Webinar Series 2020-2021

Due to the COVID_19 pandemic, the European Network for Training Evaluation and Research in Mental Health (EMH) decided to change the annual Conference  ”Nursing in mental health: the changing role of nurses in mental health and psychiatry in Europe” planned in May 2020 in Paris to be a series of webinars. Read more

Nursing in mental health: the changing role of nurses in mental health and psychiatry in Europe (cancelled)

ENTER holds it's 21st conference in collaboration with GHU Paris in Paris on the 14th of May. Read more

20th Anniversary for ENTER

ENTER Held it's 20th conference and AGM in Bodø, Norway on the 13th & 14th June. Read more

Working together for new pathways in mental health

ENTER has recently held it's 20th conference in Bodø. Over 50 delegates attended who heard 20 presentations. The presentations can now be download here.  Read more



Best practices for Care and Wellbeing Education to support the needs of LGBT people as they age - BEING ME« (Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships, 2018-2020).  Read more

AGM 2018


ENTER held its 19th AGM this week in Athens. Amongst other topics possible future projects were discuss. Also a new Steering Group was elected. Read more

Mental Health, Refugees and Migration conference


ENTER held a successful annual conference in Athens today on the 24th May. Over 80 delegates attending and heard many interesting presentations on both the Greek situation, the situation in Europe and possible solutions. Read more

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