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Current Research Projects
  • New research project granted by Research Council of Lithuania has started - Paradigm Change of Mental Health and Well-being in Lithuania: Towards Empirically Valid Model (GER-15070 dr. Eglė Šumskienė). This project is aimed to contribute to the paradigmatic change by scientific research and evaluation of efficacy of pharmaceutical and pscyhotherapeutical treatment to psychological and social functioning, and to estimate economic burden of treatment and mental diseases that society must pay. Interdisciplinary group was formed for this research, including representatives of sociology, psychology, psychiatry and economics. Within this project, it is supposed to create valid model that enables evaluation of efficacy of different patterns of treatment by various social, psychological and economical rates. It is planned to invoke the results and experience of foreign colleagues researchers, estimate the deficits in the system of mental health care, and to collect and analyze empirical data from providers of medical and social services as well as from mental health care experts and service users. The combination of quantitative and qualitative approach will be used in this longitudinal study.


  • Prof. A.Germanavicius gave oral presentation about research protocol of this project during international conference of World Federation of Mental Health in Cairo, October 2015.

  • COST programme project: IS1302. Prof. A. Germanavičius is deputy coordinator of National coordinator assoc. prof. Ilona Česnienė (Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology) at EU COST project Action IS1302 "Towards an EU research framework on forensic psychiatric care": In April and October 2014 prof. A.Germanavicius participated in two international conferences of the project in Cyprus and in Split (Croatia) respectively, where he worked within Working Group WG1 activities ( In accordance of this research protocol prof. A. Germanavicius and forensic psychiatrist Aldona Šileikaitė have collected data on the characteristics and determinants of inpatients of forensic psychiatric patients in Lithuania (total sample of 335 inpatients of Rokiskis Forensic psychiatric hospital), poster was presented during EPA conference in Madrid in March 2016.



Contact Information

Psychiatric Clinic

Vilnius University

Vasaros 5,

Vilnius, LT-10309



Contact person

Dr. Arunas Germanavicius

Professor, MD, PhD, Advisor for the Ministry of Health


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