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The Mental Health Department of the Local Health Care Authority no.5 Rovigo



The Mental Health Department of the Local Health Care Authority no. 5 "Polesana"- Rovigo operates within an area of 51 Municipalities between the River Adige, the River Po and the Adriatic Sea, with a total population of 230.000 inhabitants.


The area of intervention of the Department is divided into two districts: District 1 Medio Polesine and District 2 Basso Polesine.

There are three different articulations of the Mental Health Dept. to provide assistance in the districts. The Mental Health Centre has de-centred outpatient clinics: Rovigo, Adria, Badia with a Day Care Centre and a DHT in each of them.

In the local health care authority, there are 7 residential structures which differ in dimensions, patients’ typology, aim and degree of protection, in a range going from GAP (Protected group apartments), to CTRP with 24 hours protection. 

The Mental Health Department has also two Psychiatric wards (SPDC) of 12 beds, each where people experiencing severe psychic crisis can be admitted – voluntarily or non-voluntarily.

Care Services
  • The Provincial Reference Centre for eating disorders 

  • Specialistic Personality Disorders Care 

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic intervention in Psychotic onset and mood disorders

  • Group intervention

User Organisations
Training Resources

A principal function the Mental Health Department is providing education and training. This training is directed at Departmental staff and external stakeholders in the region (GPs, Police, No-Profit Organisations, voluntary organisations, the families of patients taken in care, etc.). The training staff are comprised of both of professional working for the Mental Health Department and external professionals, who cooperate with the Mental Health Department on specific topics.

Various psychotherapeutic interventions are used during training.

Current Research Projects
  • Clinic psychology provision in Rovigo Penitentary,

    • Research activity of investigating a correlation between personality disorders and criminality

  • Information and understanding om mental health in high school

    • Aimed to develop student awarness of the health and psychiatric field.



Contact Information

The Mental Health Department of the Local Health Care Authority no.5 Rovigo

Viale Tre Martiri, 89

45100 Rovigo


Mental Health Department Director: Maria Maddalena Martucci 


Contact person

Tamara Bisan










Last updated: 19.02.2024

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