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News from Bosnia

Dear all,

We stopped all organised activities in Feniks on March 16. We encourage all our active members to remain at home and follow the guidelines and restrictive measures as suggested or imposed by the relevant authorities. Currently, we are organising distribution of humanitarian aid to selected members of Feniks and other mental health service users in need, in Tuzla and in neighbouring towns.

I am sorry I haven't responded to recent correspondence.The reason I basically lost much time lately is because what would be appropriate for me to write as an excuse, and is actually increasing by day... You wouldn't believe what I got myself into...

I started 1) streaming relevant information to physicians across the country; whatever relevant I could find from China, Italy, US since early March..., and 2) as of March 18 I suggested the Faculty of engineering in Sarajevo to start producing parts/medical equipment through 3D printing after I saw this is how they handled an unexpected shortage of replaceable valves for mechanical ventilators in Italy. To cut the story short, we now have a network of 3D printing laboratories all over the country, and have in the meantime started mass production of visors in several locations. We have started an informal network of engineers who are updating and exchanging relevant information on designing, producing, distributing products, securing materials...

Our engineers are currently working on other items, including even considering production of mechanical ventilators in entirety, polyethylene helmets for patients on ventilators, splitting valves to enable up to four patients being treated on the same respirator, etc.

I am communicating with WHO daily...

The authorities here have been rather slow in their responses, sometimes completely ignoring very important issues...

In the meantime, we have translated and published the following document on stigma (attached) on our website, and will continue to publish resources related to mental health. Professor Esmina Avdibegovic is planning to start offering Skype conferences twice a week for our members.

I appreciate the resources you mention are offered on ENTER website. If some of you can spare to convey information regarding other aspects of healthcare services directly to me, that would be great.

Take care and be in touch! This thing appears to be more serious than it was initially portrayed...

All the very best wishes from Tuzla,


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