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Maison Blanche is not just another psychiatric hospital. A network of community psychiatric services, Maison Blanche covers the whole north-eastern section of the city of Paris, an inner-city area with high levels of unemployment, exclusion, immigration, drug use, HIV/AIDS and poverty. Fifty different inpatient and outpatient facilities provide mental health care to a target population of some 700,000 people.

Care Services​

Maison Blanche recently underwent a major transformation. For inpatients, the old hospital, some 25 kilometres out of Paris, has been progressively replaced by a series of smaller inpatient structures, situated as close as possible to the  communities they serve. Of the 2600 beds on the old site at its high point in the mid-sixties, all now been moved back into Paris. At the same time, a greater diversity of services are being created in order to meet more specific needs. Specialised units for children, adolescents, drug and alcohol users, people with HIV/AIDS and older people suffering from dementia offer a wide range of social and psychological prevention, care and rehabilitation/recovery services. Some 70% of Maison Blanche's 14,000 patients per year will use only outpatient services.

​User Organisations

User partner organisations include the National Federation of Associations of Users and Ex-Users of Psychiatry (FNAP-PSY) and the National Union of Friends and Family of People with Mental Health Problems (UNAFAM), both of which are represented on the Hospital Board.


Training Resources

A Further Education Centre for specific staff skills training, a major nursing school, library and conference facilities and the Maison Blanche Research Laboratory are just some of the services available to both the personnel and the community. In addition, our open partnership policy has led to a large number of joint projects not only on local but also on international levels, with research, development and hospital co-operation programmes in a growing number of countries.

Current Research Projects

Current research priorities include projects on user rights and satisfaction, life-long learning and employment in mental health, training professionals in recovery-oriented approaches and mental health promotion, a major Housing First programme for homeless people with severe mental illness, CAPEDP on the prevention of mental health problems in young children, KAIROS on predictors of success in residential drug use services, as well as a multitude of smaller service evaluation programmes.


Contact Information

Hôpital Maison Blanche

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Tim Greacen

Director of Research

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