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Parc de Salut Mar  



Health Park Mar is a full service organization that makes up a large Health Park on the coast of Barcelona, which includes one of the most dynamic centres of knowledge of care, teaching and research in the city. The characteristic element while differentiating from other agencies in their environment, is the diversity of its portfolio of care that meets all levels of health care: the care of acutely ill patients, the geriatric care, mental health and primary care .The plurality of forms of management and development of technological and strategic alliances with other centres of the city and of Catalonia gives it a prominent role in promoting entrepreneurial business policies of the health sector. One of its centres, Hospital del Mar, has close links with the two of Barcelona’s principal universities, hosting many specialty services: care in the home, transplants, stoke rehabilatition, addiction services. The hospital is located directly alongside the prestigious IMIM, a centre for biomedical research which is currently involved in various European projects.     

Care Services​

Centre Forum offers psychiatric emergency care 24-hour acute hospitalization related to their sectors and services of psychiatric day hospital, offering outpatient care resource and multi-day targeted at those patients who do not require assistance 24 hours. 

The Hospital del Mar has services for in house patients, out patients, and participates in studies associated with research. 

​User Organisations


Training Resources

The centre focuses on the main lines of support, training and research in the research of Neurosciences hospitals Health Park Mar, where we work to find new ways to diagnose and treat diseases of the brain, an ever-expanding field. Current projects investigate first psychotic episodes and neuro-image, dual-pathologies and drug addictions, anxiety and genetic disorders.

Internet Links
Current Research Projects

The research activity is organized through the Centre Forum and the Hospital del Mar who are closely linked to national and international benchmarks in the field of biomedical research and health sciences. It develops research programs of competitive high level with the participation of national and international researchers and clinicians from different disciplines. 



Contact Information

Parc de Salut Mar  

Centre Forum-Hospital del Mar, C/ Llull 411 Barcelona, 08019 



93 32685 60

Contact person

Paz Flores 



Last updated: 18.05.2016

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