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Faculty of Social Work (University of Ljubljana) is the only social work higher education establishment in Slovenia. By its education process and the practice of social work, the Faculty of Social Work aims for the development and dissemination of theoretical concepts, models and methods of social work which would contribute to the establishment and maintenance of fundamental social values and goals such as: provision of the quality of life for individuals, families and groups of the population; social justice, human dignity and equal opportunities; promotion of solidarity and social integration, prevention of poverty and social exclusion.Since its establishment in 1955, the Faculty has represented a pillar (in some periods the only one) of the development of the Slovenian social work, and the field of social care in general. It has developed a high level of teaching, mainly based on its own scientific and research activities as well as good knowledge of international trends. The Faculty has been the carrier and initiator of a large number of innovations, without which it would be hard to imagine social work in Slovenia. It has developed forms and methods of work that represent the basis of contemporary social work in our country: counseling, group work, community work, street work, and work with families etc. It has established the foundations of voluntary work, action research and qualitative research which has not only influenced the social work field but also played an important role in Slovenian social sciences more generally. It has developed special fields such as working with youth, the elderly, women, people in mental distress, with a physical handicap, ethnic minorities etc. It has also made a great contribution to the development of concepts and innovative solutions in the field of social care (for instance, social first aid, home help, group homes, safe houses etc.). Faculty have experiences with inclusion of users in education processes and planning. With its activities - practical teaching, training, research and development projects, and publishing - the Faculty co-operates with numerous associations and non-governmental organisations. Their members, professionals and experts by experience are included in Faculty’s programmes as co-teachers, and the Faculty staff participates in the work of these associations as consultants and councillors, lecturers etc. Some associations (for example mental health users organization Mostovi) use Faculty’s premises and other facilities for some of their activities. 

Care Services​


​User Organisations

Association MOSTOVI – ZA ZDRAVJE V DUSEVNEM ZDRAVJU (eng. Bridges: organisation for health in mental health): is aiming to promote mutual help , to stimulate various forms of perspectives and creativity, to inform the public about importance of mental health issues, to reduce stigma. Organisation is independent and nonprofit nongovernmental organisation of users of psychiatry, supporters and honor members, established by mental health service users. Contact: Društvo Mostovi, Faculty of social work, Topniška 31, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tel. +386 1 2809269, Fax +386 1 2809270, E-mail nika.cigoj[at]fsd.uni-lj.si


Association for people with bipolar disorders:



Association for helping people with depression and anxiety disorders:  http://www.nebojse.si/portal/index.php

Training Resources

Faculty of social work is running undergraduate and graduate (MA) community mental health study programmes and doctorate programmes. Besides this, we offer additional training for practitioners of various professional background (advocacy, individual care planning, risk analysis, empowerment etc.)

Current Research Projects
  • EX-IN – Experienced Involvement (Leonardo da Vinci). EU- Commission of the European Communities (1.10.2005- 30.09.2007)

  • EMILIA - Empowerment of Mental Illness Service Users: Lifelong Learning, Integration and Action. EU: Commission of the European Communities, 6th FP (1.9.2005 - 28.2.2010).

  • Access to Justice for Children with Mental Disabilities (JUST/2011-2012/FRC/AG (priority reference)). EU - Commission of the European Communities (1.5.2013- 30.4.2015)

  • Promoting Mental Health Minimising mental illness and Integrating Social Inclusion through Education – PROMISE.  EU: Commission of the European Communities: Second programme of community action in the field of health (2008- 2013).



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Faculty of Social Work

University of Ljubljana

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1000 Ljubljana


+386 1 2809240

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Mojca Urek

Ph.D  sociology/ Associate Professor

+ 386 (0)1 2809248

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