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Association for Mutual Assistance in Mental Distress (FENIX) 



The Association is an independent non-for-profit and voulunteer-based organisation of mental health service users and of those who support user movement. The purpose of the Association is to improve mutual support, alternative ways of dealing with crisis, cooperation in creating and modifying mental health policies, and evaluation of activities conducted by public institutions that work in the field of mental health, all with the final goal of improving the quality of life of mental health service users.

The Association conducts its activities in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, as well as foreign and international organisations active in the field of mental health. Fenix is internationally recognised as a strong acter in shaping trends of supporting the inclusion and involvement of users in social and economic processes. 

Care Services​
  • Day care centr

  • Self-help groups

  • Campaigning (anti-stigma)

  • Supporting users in reaching paid employment

  • Advocacy

  • Occupational therapy, art-therapy

  • Counselling

​User Organisations
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:

    ·     “Tunel”, Ključ

    ·     “In spe”, Mostar

    ·     “Dodir”, Sarajevo

    ·     “Mens sana”, Ilidža

    ·     “Zajedno”, Banja Luka


    ·     Caritas Serbia

    ·     “Herc”, Belgrade

    ·     “Videa”, Belgrade

    ·     “Duša”, Belgrade


    ·     “Šent”

    ·     “Ozara”


Training Resources

Fenix is involved in disseminating training to a number of similar less developed users’ associations in the country and abroad; supports and guides the establishment and legal registration of new user associations, provides training for the purposes of capacity building. Peer-to-peer training in art-therapy is also offered by members of Fenix. An entire program of psychosocial support is offered to users, consisting of diverse modules covering basic social skills, healthy living styles including e.g. cooking, personal and living space hygiene, personal finances management. Advanced training modules for supporting employment process, e.g. in carpentry..

Current Research Projects
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of a program of psychosocial intervention provided in cooperation with a community mental health centre.

  • Involvement in a national study on the scope and forms of stigmatising attitudes and behaviours towards mental health service users.

  • Involvement in a comparative study on mental health services provided by governmental and non-governmental organisations, and their impact on quality of life of users.



Contact Information

Association for Mutual Assistance in Mental Distress “Fenix”

Izeta Sarajlića 20

75000 Tuzla

Bosnia and Herzegovina

+387 35 226 577

+387 35 226 577

Contact person

Nenad Perić


+387 35 226 577


Last updated: 12.10.2012

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