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Conference monograph from ENTER's 3rd conference in Warsaw Poland in 2002.

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Introduction by Dr. Mervyn London
The Process of Change in European Mental Health Services: The Contribution of Education and Training: P.Ryan
A Collaborative Global Response of Nurses to Address the Lack of Substance Abuse Education within Nursing Schools Curricula: D.Murphy-Parker
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Mental Health Education in Poland: J.Bomba
Nurse Education in Transition in Poland: M Lipinska & G Osicka
A Local Training Strategy for Integrated Care of Families and People with Psychiatric Disabilities: S Nilsson & L Erdner
Substance Misuse Training within the Cambridge Masters Course in Primary and Community Care: M London
Learning From Experience - Barriers to the Implementation of Evidence Based Practice: S Cook, P Bishop, J Bruggen, A Cooklin & D Sturgeon
The Needs of Mental Health Teams on Acute Psychiatric Wards: J Wegrzyn, M Anczewska, C Czabala & P Switaj
Patients' Perception of Coercion on Acute Psychiatric Wards:K Soergaard
A Project on Patients' Rights in Psychiatry: Managing Diverse Opinions: T Greacen
Developing Health Technology in Mental Health: Searching for Evidence Based Practice: M Välimäki

The Use of Electronic Media in the OSCAR Project: R Hill, C Turner & D Smith
Research Project ISADORA: K Bäck Møller
ENTER Mental Health : MEMBERSHIP 2002
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