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ENTER Conference 2023 Speaker confirmed: Emir Okanović

Emir Okanović was born in 1977 in Slovenia-Ljubljana. As a person with cerebral palsy, he is the Vice Chairperson of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Slovenia. Emir is also an elected member of a National Disability Council of Slovenia, where he actively participates in the politics and strategies of disability. He works at company that employs people with disability. Emir's role includes training of the public and international relations. Emir has comprehensive experience in the educational system, from special education programs to University level. Currently he is head of promotion and public relations unit at Soncek.

Abstract: Desinstitutionalization: myth or reality

Emir's presentation begins with a nice statement. "Slovenia is a wonderful land". In many ways, I guess it is true.

He does not classify himself among the people who would mourn life. Quite the opposite. He tends to stay merry and positive. Moreover, this is despite serious physical disability. When he assesses his overall life, he considers its quality, given the circumstances has been on quite a high level.

However, he always asks himself, “is this equally open to anyone” at the same level? He claims that people with combined intellectual and physical impairments have a much shortened life experience .

In his presentation he will with a help of participants try to answer this following questions:

1. Where are we right now?

2. Where wold we like to go?

3. Have we done enough?

4. How are we to empower an overall society in this matter?

5. How do we empower the users?

Emir considers that this presentation will be a success if we the audience can find some new and positive ideas for the future.

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