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New publication from the ERICA project

Can child maltreatment be prevented with parents’ self-evaluation?

20 April 2020

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New article from the ISODORA project

A Quality Study of Barriers to Care for People with Co-occuring Disorders

23 January 2018

Article in The Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.

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2 new articles from the CAMILLE project

Are Different Professionals Ready to Support Children of Parents with Mental Illness? Evaluating the Impact of a Pan-European Training Programme

2nd January 2017

Article in The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

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Needs, expectations & consequences for children growing up in a family where the parent has a mental illness

2nd January 2017

International Journal of Mental Health Nursing (2016)

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A new pan European training programme designed to raise awareness of the needs of families where there is a parent with a mental illness. It also aims to build confidence and skills to enable professionals to empower the children in these families, by building their resilience, promoting their wellbeing and preventing them from developing behavioural and emotional problems.



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Rantanen et al. (2022) Family Needs Checklist: Development of a Mobile Application for Parents with Children to Assess the Risk for Child Maltreatment.

August 2022

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