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December 2018
Sexuality, Sexual and Gender Identities and Intimacy Research in Social Work and Social Care: Our colleagues, Priscilla Dunk-West and Trish Hafford-Letchfield at Middlesex University, have just published this important book. Read more.
November 2017
WHO/Europe policy brief on migration and health: mental health care for refugees: The WHO has recently published this informative brochure on migration and refugees which can be downloaded on their website at

"Mental Health, Refugees and Migration: ENTER´s 2018 conference will be held in Athens in collaboration with EPAPSY on the 24th May. The theme of the conference will be "Mental Health, Refugess and Migration". Submit your abstracts now: visit the conference website
Irja Nieminen: The EMILIA Project:  MScN Irja Nieminen defended her doctoral dissertation at theUniversity of Tampere on 20th of January 2017. Nieminen'sdissertation is important for ENTER Mental Health when the data for it were collected as part of the EMILIA project. Read more
ENTER Mental Health AGM 9th June 2017 in Zealand, Denmark: ENTER Mental health held their 18th AGM in Slagelse, Denmark. 13 of the 17 members were represented. Amongst other general business items the AGM discussed the further development of an “ENTER Academy”, research possibilities and a communication strategy.

(November 2017)

ENTER Conference 2017: In collaboration with the Psychiatric Research Unit in the Region of Zealand Denmark, there as a one day conference "The Virtual World & Mental Health" There were over 100 delegates at the conference who heard keynote presentations on amongst other things the “Virtual World: New Orders, New Disorders” and “Evidence Based E Mental Health”. Also, there were many presentations in the workshops. All the presentations from our 2017 conference are now available. Click here. 
June 2016
ENTER expresses it's support to the UK after BREXIT was voted on. Read more
June 2015
IIMHN/ENTER Mental Health 2015 European Conference: “Transforming Mental Health Services: Current trends across Europe”. Read more 

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