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Professor Jan Czesław Czabała’s Anniversary of Science and Research Work


On the 24th of November 2017, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Prof. Czesław Czabała’s Science and Research Work. Prof. Czesław Czabała is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor. For last 50 years, he has been working with patients with mental health problems as well as with other specialists on many research projects. His main fields of scientific research are in the area of psychotherapy and mental health promotion. Professor Czabała has been also engaged in the activities of the ENTER Mental Health Network from the very beginning. He was present on the first meeting of ENTER members in 2000 and has been involved in many projects over the last 17 years.

Working with Czesław Czabała is an honor as well as a great pleasure.

Now Prof Czesław Czabała works in in Warsaw at the Maria Grzegorzewska Pegadogical University. He lectures in the Department of Psychology and coordinates numerous research projects.


On the 24th of November 2017, many of Czesław Czabała’s students, colleagues and friends came to celebrate  his 50th anniversary working as a psychologist. The Steering Group of the ENTER Mental Health European Network were also present. A Polish Professor of Psychiatry, Dr Jacek Wciórka, made a speech on “Understanding and solving mental health crises: Are we looking for the ‘philosophical stone?” Prof. Czesław Czabała received an Anniversary Book written by his co-workers. One of the chapters was prepared by Prof. Peter Ryan, Dr. Tim Greacen, Ian Dawson and the Enter Mental Health European Network: “Professor Czesław Czabała: An Encomium from the Perspective of ENTER Mental Health”. During the celebration, there was also time for music, food and friendly exchanges with Professor Czesław Czabała and all his colleagues and friends from over the years.


Congratulations Czesław!

 ENTER Mental Health Members

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