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Professor Peter Ryan, co-founder of ENTER, retires


One of the founders of the ENTER Network retired in September 2017. Peter has been one of the driving forces of the network and has amongst other things secured funding to several of the ENTER projects.

Peter has a long standing interest in mental health case management (assertive outreach) in which he has published widely and also trained extensively. He have also researched occupational stress in mental health services. 

In 2000 he invited interested parties to form the ENTER network, holding the position of chair for many years and has been one of the driving forces in many of the projects ENTER has initiated, for example OSCAR, EMILIA and PROMISE. He has also been involved leading a Middlesex team, Professor Ryan developed a programme of training materials for use with Turkish university and community mental health centre (CMHC) staff, based on agreed training priorities, and using blended learning approaches including face to face teaching and online web-based material.

Congratulations Peter!

 ENTER Mental Health Members

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