The Virtual World and Mental Health

ENTER Mental Health & the Psychiatric Research Unit, Zealand Region Denmark is being held now in Slagelse, Denmark

The conference

Following on from our 2016 conference in St. Andrews, Scotland on Emerging Priorities in Mental Health and Addiction: The Virtual World, Ageing and Migration our 2017 conference focus solely on The Virtual World and Mental Health.


The virtual world has a huge influence in every dimension of human life. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss the researched data and share experiences about the virtual world and mental health among people from different European organisations.


There will be sessions on the following topics:


  1. Promoting mental health in the virtual world

  2. The virtual world as a risk factor for mental

  3. The virtual world as a treatment medium;

  4. The virtual world as a recovery medium for people with mental health problems.

Keynote speakers

The following are keynote speakers:

  • Tim Greacen (Paris): Mental health in the virtual world in 20 years´ time: avatars…

  • Jette Larsen (Copenhagen): MIPLAN: Preventing Suicide: a worldwide APP that really works

  • Malene Terp (Aalborg): Codesigning healthcare: putting healthcare into the patient’s pocket

  • Rhonda Wilson and Jens Peter Hansen: Mental health and the virtual world: a whole new world for research and innovative research strategies

  • Carmel Clancy (London) & Silvia Rosado (Barcelona): The ENTER Academy: Online Strategies for Empowering Users and Professionals across Europe

  • Magdalena Rowicka (Warsaw): Virtual World: New Orders, New Disorders


Conference programme

The final conference program can be viewed by clicking on conference booklet

Keynote, workshop and Poster Presentations

The presentations are available by clicking here

Last updated:17.03.2017