Date: 30th June 2021

Time: 15.30 - 17.30


The ENTER AGM will take place on 30.06.2022. This year we have elections for three positions on the ENTER Steering Group: The Vice-Chair in Communication, The Vice-Chair in training; The Vice-Chair in research. We hope you can attend the AGM and take part in the voting process.

Please, find two documents below for consideration before the ENTER Mental Health AGM:

1. The ENTER Agreement with propored changes which are outlined in red.

2. The call for nominations.

We would like your feedback on:

1. The revisions proposed in the ENTER Agreement;

2. Nominations for the vacant positions on the SG;

3. Your items for the AGM Agenda.

Please forward there to the secretary before 30.05.2022. Please, send the nomimations and other infortmation via mail to the secretary (lidia@blueroom.com)

Lidia Zabłocka-Żytka

ENTER MH Secretary